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Tips & Time-Savers for Beginning Gardeners

I love a gorgeous garden. Love it, love it, love it, love it. I like tinkering every once in a while, and I love enjoying beautiful flowers, but I DON’T love anything that REQUIRES regular maintenance. (I want my garden to feel like play, not work!). As fall settles in, I always try to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and what I’d like to plan for next year.

Gardening tips & tricks to save time!

Disclaimer: If you are a seasoned gardener, you will probably laugh at this post. BUT, if you’re just starting out (like me) and your thumbs are not naturally green, read on! I have some pretty cool time-saving tips & tricks for newbie gardeners!

Stop digging up your yard every season.

Pop your potted plants into a second pot that stays in the ground, then switch ‘em out every season:

Save time gardening -- just use the pot-in-pot method & never dig again!

potted plant gardening tip: stick 'em in the ground to easily switch every season!

It’s called the “Pot-in-Pot” or “Sunken” container method, and it’s brilliant!!

Can you imagine all of the possibilities here??

  • It’ll make it SO much easier to switch out annuals.
  • Finished bulbs can get moved somewhere out of the way where the greenery can continue receiving sunlight without making the main garden look unkempt.
  • You’ll save space in your garden since multiple plants can rotate between the same hole!
  • No more awkward bare spots left open for out-of-season plants. A landscaped look AND less time?? Yes, please!

Still wanna dig? Save time planting bulbs:

Use a bulb auger on your drill to save time planting bulbs!

(Queue Tim the Toolman saying “More power!”). You can buy bulb augers that attach to your cordless drill. It’ll have your holes dug in no time flat!

Can’t afford a fancy irrigation system?

garden tips: use a sprinkler timer

You can buy a timer for your hose & have an automatic sprinkler system for $25! Check out more info at Wife in Progress.

Never mulch around trees again!

save time in the garden with rubber mulch tree rings

Recycled rubber tree rings can protect your trees from the mower, and you could save yourself  a TON of time re-mulching every season!

3 Words: Automatic Lawn Mower

automatic lawn mower


LawnBott automatic lawn mower




These automatic lawnmowers from RoboMow and LawnBott are like Roombas for your yard. They’re pricey, but when you consider that they take care of mowing & edging all by themselves for about the same cost as a riding mower, it sounds like a worthy investment! WANT.

How do you save time in your yard? Share your favorite tips for beginning gardeners in the comments!

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6 comments on “Tips & Time-Savers for Beginning Gardeners
  1. Jenna says:

    Thanks for the shout out! :-)

    Jenna @ Wife in Progress

  2. Sandy says:

    Genius ideas! Thanks, Casey.

  3. annie @ says:

    Love the container in a container tip!

    Funny that you posted on gardening cause I posted on orchids today. :)

    Annie XO

  4. Beth@ Incomplete Guide to Living says:

    Great tips! I’ll be sure to share them with my husband. I don’t go near the garden if it involves planting anything. ;)

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