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Kitchen Organization: Make it Spicy!

The lovely Annie from Annie Hearts is stopping in today to share her latest adventures in kitchen organization. Check out her super spice solution!

Hi Pretty Organized people! So happy to be here with you today to share my tips!

Today, I want to show you how I organize my spices. When I first moved in to the little house on the river, I remember looking around my kitchen, thinking, “Damn, there’s nowhere convenient to put my spices.”

I kept my spices in magnetized stainless round jars on a steel plate kinda like this, but with a bigger surface that held more spice jars:

organized spices




I wanted to mount the steel plate on the wall like I had in my last home, but there was no wall space big enough for it. Then it occurred to me. Duh. I have a behemoth of a range hood made of stainless steel. It has miles of steel to hold my magnetized spice jars, so I got rid of the steel wall-mount plate and put the spices right on the range hood.

Organize your spices in magnetic tins & stick 'em right on the range hood for easy access.

I have to tell you, I really love it. It couldn’t be more convenient, as it’s right above the range.

Smart spice storage: use magnetic tins & stick 'em to the range hood!

I put the spices we use most often in the middle.

smart way to organize spices

The baking spices (and seeds) go on the left.

organize your kitchen with magnets!

And the exotic spices, powders and steak spice go on the right.

smart way to organize spices in your kitchen!

In case you were wondering, I got the round labels at the dollar store.

DIY spice labels * organizing ideas

I realize this won’t work for everyone, but for anyone who has a steel range hood that’s relatively flat, it’s worth a try!

Thanks for sharing, Annie!! Your spices work beautifully with your range hood!

About Annie

annie hearts blog

“Do what you love because how you spend your days becomes how you spend your life.”
I’ve been writing annie hearts in my head for years. Growing up, I was a wanna-be interior designer with grandiose schemes for my parents’ home, much to their dismay. I’ve been doing sewing, painting and refurbishing projects ever since my mom first sat me in front of a sewing machine and my dad taught me to use a paintbrush and a hammer.I got hooked on DIY blogs right around the time I bought the little house on the river. Seeing the before and afters, the transformations on a dime, I thought, I’d love to do that. DIY blogging had my name—and my house—written all over it.
And so it goes that I’m well on my way to spending my days doing what I love.
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8 comments on “Kitchen Organization: Make it Spicy!
  1. c says:

    Wow! That sure beats the makeshift space I’ve carved out in my cabinet. Do you find that your spices lose flavor more quickly since they are right above the stove? I’ve always heard it’s important to store them in a cool spot.

    • annie @ says:

      Sorry it took a while to reply! I just saw your comment now.

      I haven’t noticed a difference. Maybe I’ll have to do a little experiment by keeping some basil in the cabinet and some above the stove.

      I do know that any food my chef makes (i.e. husband) tastes really good, so no complaints from me. :)

      Annie XO

  2. Sci5Techr says:

    I love the idea, and heat has never seemed to bother my spices. But, I have a stainless steel refrigerator, and magnets won’t stick to it. Stainless steel is not magnetic. So how does this work?

    Sorry to be a buzz-kill.

  3. Beth@ Incomplete Guide to Living says:

    What a great idea, Annie! You are officially a genius. ;)

  4. Kristin says:

    Love your ideas! So organized and so inspirational!

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