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3 DIY Methods for Adding Color To Any Room

You don’t have to repaint a room to get a pop of color – try these do-it-yourself methods to brighten any room!

Put some thought into what you want your color scheme to be before starting any projects. If you have an all-white room, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing colors. If your room has color as it is, get some paint samples to get an idea of what will and won’t work.

Dip dye your curtains

Have you ever noticed that runway styles transfer into decor trends? Ombre is a great example of this. Dip-dying your window treatments creates an interesting atmosphere in terms of lighting, and using calming colors like green or blue will give your room a beachy feel.

In order to get the ombre look, first buy a discount window treatment in a light color (white is suggested). Sheer shades in particular work with this project. You’ll also need liquid dye in the color of your choice, bleach, a white bathtub and a washing machine – preferably one you don’t have to pay for, because you’ll need to run it without anything inside to get rid of any leftover dye!

Put your curtains through the wash using as much dye as the packaging suggests. Once they’re washed, make sure they’re very damp – you may need to re-wet them. Fill your tub with water and add some bleach. Lower the side of the curtain that you want to be lighter (usually the top) into the tub and secure it, either by draping the rest of the curtain over the rim or by hanging it from the shower curtain. You can also use a plastic bin if you’re worried about dying your bathtub. Let it soak until the submerged end is significantly lighter. Let it dry, making sure the bleached part does not touch the dyed section, and they’re ready for use!

Paint vases

Vases make great accent pieces in any room because they’re inexpensive, easy to change and can be made into a color blocked piece with bright flowers. You can make them match your window treatment by buying paint the same color as the dye. You’ll need a vase, acrylic paint, white spray paint, a bowl big enough for the vase to fit in and a large plastic bag.

First spray paint your vases. You’ll most likely want to do this outside or in a basement or garage. If you want, you don’t have to use white as a base, but it would complement your ombre curtains. Let them dry before stretching the plastic bag over the bowl. Put a moderate amount of paint into the bag, being careful not to get any on the bowl. Dip the base of the vase into the paint, and set them upside down to dry. You can use painter’s tape to ensure that the paint only goes on the area of the vase that you want it to.

Redo your wooden furniture

It’s not a bad idea to use all three of these projects in one room! Making them the same color, or keeping them in a certain color scheme, will give your room a pop of color while keeping it uniform. Snag a beat-up (but still functional!) piece of wooden furniture at a craft fair. Remove the drawers and cover any handles, glass or knobs with painter’s tape. Cover the piece with white spray paint for a base, let it dry and paint the piece in the color of your choosing. Don’t feel that you need to paint the whole piece – experiment with just painting the legs or the top for a color blocked look!

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2 comments on “3 DIY Methods for Adding Color To Any Room
  1. Elegant Ground Home says:

    Great tips, thanks! Was looking for great inspiration for the bedroom. Usually, I choose really striking bedspreads if I feel like updating the look of my bedroom.

  2. annie @ says:

    Love the ombre look. Cool tips!

    Annie XO

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