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Small Space Storage Solution: DVD Organizer

Here’s our DVD binder, as requested by one of our lovely followers, Andrea!

We used to have a crapton of DVDs. Seriously, they took up an entire wall. It was cool, though, because we had a nice big organizer from Ikea that looked super sexy on our wall. Then we moved into our tiny little house, and we have windows on every wall, so there isn’t a single wall long enough for our cabinet. So we decluttered, joined Netflix, and ditched our clunky DVD cases, opting instead to store them in this lovely little binder that tucks nicely under the television. Looking back, I can’t believe how much space we wasted before!


Space-Saving DVD Binder Storage Idea


Step One: Declutter!! Get rid of every movie that you aren’t  head-over-heels in love with. Most libraries rent out DVDs for free, and you can also join Netflix, go to Redbox, or stream pretty much anything from online sources like hulu. (There are even cables that hook into your tv so you can watch them on the big screen!)

Step Two: Ditch the cases. Click here for an article from Real Simple about how you can recycle them.

Step Three: Grab a sharpie & label any discs that don’t have the title written on them.

READER TIP: Just write directly on the disc — don’t use stickers or address labels because they could create issues or damage the player. Thanks, Robyn & JenW!

Step Four: Pop them in a binder! Do NOT get overexcited and spend 5 hours organizing them alphabetically! They’ll just be a pain in the future when you have to reorganize everything after buying a new movie, and you might procrastinate about putting them back if they have to go into the “perfect” spot. Just group them by genre, and if you have a series of movies or a few seasons of your favorite TV show, group those together, too. Keep it simple!


DVD Storage Ideas, DVD Binder

Bonus Points: If you lend out your movies on a regular basis, you can grab some Velcro & stick a few jewel cases in the back. I like these erasable labels that allow us to write the title of the movie on the case.

Organizing DVDs Using Velcro


Pretty sweet, right? How do you store all of your media?


P.S. I was not paid or perked for any of the products featured on this blog. I just love the products & wanted to share!

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7 comments on “Small Space Storage Solution: DVD Organizer
  1. Max Smirnoff says:

    Nice looking organizer, thanks. But this is only the first level of movie organizing :) The next level is to create electronic catalog of them! I am using All My Movies program for this.

    P.S. I was not paid or perked for any of the products featured in this comment. I just love my product (yes, I am the author of All My Movies :) ) and wanted to share!

    :) ))

  2. Andrea says:

    I actually have this exact DVD binder in my living room but for some reason I’m using two whole drawers to store the plastic DVD cases, which is a huge waste of space. I need to just let go of the idea that I’ll never need those cases again and get rid of them. By velcro-ing (is that a word?) a few empty jewel cases in the back, I no longer have to worry if I’ll never need one of those empty cases again. Perfect! I’m doing this today!!

    • Casey says:

      Aww, yay!!! Haha that’s so funny that we have the same binder — so glad it helped! You might even be able to Velcro one of your leftover DVD cases if you don’t already have the little jewel cases. It saves such a crazy amount of space getting rid of all of those cases — good luck!

  3. Liz says:

    Hey Casey! Where did you get that DVD binder? This is a project I definitely need to do soon!

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