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Organize Your Office Like a Boss: Bluelounge Product Review

Hey guys! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that Bluelounge is one of my favorite brands. (Here are a few posts about how I use the CableBox at my desk & how we organized our TV cabinet using CableDrops & another CableBox.)


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bluelounge, they are pretty much the Apple of organization. Their design is smart, modern, & clean, and a lot of their products work really well with Apple gear (among other brands). I am extremely picky about the brands that I like, so once I find a good one, I tend to excitedly sing their praises & shout them from the rooftops! Apparently, Bluelounge heard about my crush (possibly from all of the sappy love notes tasteful tweets about how much I adore their brand??) & they decided to let me test out their newest product, the Mika!


Image Source

Of course, my hubs had to test it out first, so here’s a photo of his desk all tricked out. (WARNING: He may be slightly addicted to technology.) After looking at this set-up, I guess you could say this is a review of quite a few of our favorite Bluelounge products!


Behold: Megadesk!!!    (Couldn’t resist!)

Take it away, Leif!

The Breakdown:

The Mika is on the right side, holding my laptop. It has a plastic bottom, so it slides across the desk. You can use it for storage or as an ergonomically correct display stand for your laptop or tablet. I’m guessing it slides because it’s multifunctional: you can slide it away when you’re using it as storage, and then easily slide it back to front & center when you want to use it as a display stand.


Image Source

Any small cords that need to slide without falling off the desk are a great fit for the Sumo. I use two of them: one for my computer/keyboard cords, and one for my phone charger and headphone cord. Sumo actually uses its weight & the micro-suction pads on the bottom for a ridiculously strong grip that removes without leaving any residue (no adhesives) — pretty awesome. Plus its name is Sumo. I rest my case.

desk-organization, bluelounge sumo

Image Source

My cell phone perches at the ready on a handy device called the Milo. It uses micro-suction on the bottom & top to attach securely to the phone & desk surface, again, without using any sticky adhesives.


Image Source

Finally, my iPad rests on a little stand called the Nest. You can rest your phone or tablet right on top or stand it up using a built-in pull-out tray.

bluelounge-nest, tablet stand

Image Source

Bonus:  the Nest has a little storage area where I can stash a flash drive & cleaning cloth. (Gotta keep those screens clean!)


Apple addiction = ORGANIZED!



Thanks for the review, Leifsteban! I’ll be sharing my own techno-licious desktop organization with you shortly. :)

Sending out a HUGE thank you to Bluelounge for letting us test drive the Mika! All of their products offer fantastic solutions — go check ‘em out!

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2 comments on “Organize Your Office Like a Boss: Bluelounge Product Review
  1. Serena | Pretty Fluffy says:

    Oh I want the Sumo! I’ve been looking for something exactly like that, that doesn’t leave stickiness or marks. Plus I just clicked through and I can get them at Apple in Australia I think. Thanks Casey!

    • Casey says:

      Yay!! I hope it works out for you — it’s really great for all of those small cords that you want to stay put on the desk & still be able to slide when using them. I’m pretty sure you can even stack the Sumos on top of each other! P.S. if you have tips for making it easier for helping Aussie readers find U.S. products, I am all ears. If I can do anything to make stuff more accessible for you guys, let me know! :)

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