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Look, Ma: No Legs! Floating Entry Organization

Last week’s super-efficient command center was the bomb dot com, and I’m back today to share another awesome entry organization idea!

The fabulously entertaining Annie from annie hearts is stopping by today to share her “shelf-ish” floating organizing solution with us:

When it comes to entryway clutter, there are typically a few common issues:

  • Where do you drop your keys?
  • Your sunglasses?
  • The endless piles of incoming mail??

For too long, there was nowhere to put that stuff in our house. The dining table was the catch-all. This was inviting disaster. My keys would inevitably end up somewhere so weird and unlikely that I wouldn’t find them again without searching like a frantic lunatic. How many times was I late getting somewhere because I’d been scrambling looking for my keys? Shame on me.

Well dear reader, I’m happy to say you don’t need to fret about where we put our keys anymore because we got a SHELF.

hallway shelf


As you can see above, the shelf lives on the “ugly-gadgets-we-need” wall with the thermometer, alarm system, light switch and doorbell (a huge steel box near the ceiling).

What thermometer, you say? You only see an alarm system, light switch and doorbell? Let’s have a closer look.


Oh, you’re right dear reader! The thermometer ISN’T there! Why, how can that be??


AHA! There it is! The thermometer was hidden behind the flowers!

[Clever girl!]

Our precious shelf doesn’t just hold our keys, it also holds our tissues:


Our mints:


Actually, the mint holder is a crystal flower candle holder that was a $3.99 thrift shop score!

Our key turtle was also thrifted:


Inside our shelf, we store all manner of things: lip glosses, sunnies (in the white case and brown basket), mints (in the blue container), and a few other bits and bobs.


On the other side is glue, scotch tape, measuring tape, a calculator, an iPod holder, and my heartrate monitor. It’s our junk drawer that isn’t a drawer.


This is one of those things we use every single day. After searching high and low everywhere, we found it at Sears. The brand is Nexxt, but I haven’t seen it in stock lately. [Ikea has similar options!]

We love it. What do you think of our foyer shelf? 

Thanks so much, Annie! I love how she found such a simple, sleek way to hide & house all of the day-to-day entryway clutter (including the camouflaged thermostat!). What a great solution for entry organization!

How do you corral all of the random bits & bobs in your entry?


About Annie:


“Do what you love because how you spend your days becomes how you spend your life.”

I’ve been writing annie hearts in my head for years. Growing up, I was a wanna-be interior designer with grandiose schemes for my parents’ home, much to their dismay. I’ve been doing sewing, painting and refurbishing projects ever since my mom first sat me in front of a sewing machine and my dad taught me to use a paintbrush and a hammer.

I got hooked on DIY blogs right around the time I bought the little house on the river. Seeing the before and afters, the transformations on a dime, I thought, I’d love to do that. DIY blogging had my name—and my house—written all over it.

And so it goes that I’m well on my way to spending my days doing what I love.

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7 comments on “Look, Ma: No Legs! Floating Entry Organization
  1. Jennifer says:

    Looks fabulous!

  2. Derick says:

    Well color me impressed! You officially have a new follower ;)

  3. Beth@ Incomplete Guide to Living says:

    Love it, Annie! Especially love the camiflowers! ;)

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