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Living Spaces: How to Organize Cords & De-Clutter Your Media Cabinet

Do you guys remember when I chattered on & on about my undying love for the Bluelounge CableBox? I use one on my desk to hold my external hard drives & help corral all of my computer cables, and I also have one that I use to organize cords in our little tv cabinet!

How-to-be-organized, cable manangement, creative cord control

 The De-Cluttering Plan:

  • Hide all of the wires & keep them untangled.
  • Find a place to the keep extra cords we use when we hook up our laptop/ipad and stream shows through the tv.
  • Find a subtle way to sneak the wires out through the cabinet to reach the wall outlet.
  • Keep our DVD player protected & ventilated (it overheats if anything is placed on it).

how-to-declutter, cord organizer

  • I wound up all of the excess power cords & secured them using twist ties & my handy-dandy velcro cable ties. (Love those things!)
  • Then, I popped everything into the CableBox (I used the regular sized version bc it fits full-sized power strips). The speaker wires didn’t need to go in there, so I just wound ‘em up and hid them behind it. You can only see them if you’re laying on the ground (the angle in the first photo) — from the couch height, they’re invisible!

cable-box, cable management, cord organizer

I also wanted to pretty up the wires where they run from the CableBox to the wall outlet, so I covered them with a white cable sleeve (I found this little one at a really cheap price on Amazon — LOVE that!).


  • Mine was 3ft, but you can buy it in longer sizes, too.
  • If you need to shorten it, you can carefully cut the end down to size & then seal the loose threads by melting them with a lighter (you can hold the flame close to the threads — it doesn’t need to actually touch them). Obviously, you’ll want to do that BEFORE you run the electrical wires through it! That’s what I did, and it’s been holding up pretty well!

help-me-organize, cable organizer

I also wanted to designate a little area where we could keep our extra cords handy. We stream a lot of movies & tv shows through our laptops & Ipad to watch on the big screen, so we have extra cords & cables that need to be easily accessible. These little adhesive CableDrops (also from Bluelounge — they should just hire me to be their spokesperson, haha!) were just the right thing!


  • As with any adhesive product, be careful if you are applying them to any delicate surfaces.
  • If you decide to take them off, you may want to use Goo Gone.
  • Sandra over at Simple is Pretty just wrote this great little Goo Gone tutorial.

house-room-ideas, tv cabinet, cord storage

I drilled a little hole in the back of the cabinet so that the wires could reach the wall outlet, and used a cabinet shelf to create a space for my CableBox to rest (you guys know how much I love creating extra space with cabinet shelves!). Our temperamental DVD player is nestled safely underneath with plenty of  ventilation & nicely protected from any temptation to place items on top (it’s awkward to reach under there & set things on it, preventing us from using it as a lazy stashing space!).

Oh, and the binder on the top shelf? That’s our easy-as-pie space-saving solution for DVD storage! Go ahead, check out that project — there’s more to it than meets the eye!

Badda Bing, Badda Boom: my super simple, space-saving, cheapo DIY tv cabinet organization is complete! It’s not perfect, but I think it’s about as chic and clutter-free as a $20 Craigslist cabinet can get!

What are YOUR favorite DIY organizing tips and storage hacks? Leave a little comment — I love hearing from you!


P.S. I’m sharing this project at The Scoop & The House of Smiths!

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2 comments on “Living Spaces: How to Organize Cords & De-Clutter Your Media Cabinet
  1. Sandra {} says:

    Great post, as always I love your pictures!!

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