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Laundry Cleaning: Pretty Much the Best Ironing Tip Ever

Hey guys! I’m guest posting on IHeart Organizing this week as part of her “Ask the Contributors” series. Make sure you stop over & read all of the great tips & tricks everyone is sharing!

iheart organizing

 Since we’re talking about time-savers and daily routines lately, here’s a handy little flow chart I created to help save time on ironing. Works like a charm!

ironing flow chart, laundry cleaning tip

Let’s all take a moment to bask in the glory of this new-found freedom. You’re welcome. ;)

Here are a few more laundry cleaning shortcuts that help simplify my world:

  • One load a day really works well for our two-person household.
  • I toss stuff in the open washer in the morning as I’m walking past the laundry room, and anything that needs extra attention (stains, etc.) goes into the hamper next to it.
  • We try to buy low-maintenance fabrics that don’t require special care. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • We wash everything on cold so that we don’t have to sort as much. Everything usually just gets washed in a single load! (I am sure that will change if we have kids!)
  • Washing on cold also means it doesn’t affect my hot shower, and by the time I’m finished with my morning routine, the washer is finished & I can switch them to the clothesline or the dryer.
  •  No ironing. Ever. :)

Are there any tasks you’ve freed yourself from lately? Leave a comment with your favorite shortcut or tip!

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17 comments on “Laundry Cleaning: Pretty Much the Best Ironing Tip Ever
  1. Carrie @ Chockababy says:

    I love flow charts. And this one speaks to me! I think I’ve picked up an iron twice in my life. Maybe.

    • Casey says:

      Nice! I used my iron for a craft project this week — does that count? Lol!

      • Little Sheba says:

        Unfortunately, my husband loves to wear cotton shirts…but I have no iron! Instead I use a great product from Downy called Wrinkle Releaser. Just hang up the shirt right out of the dryer, spray it on, and use your hands to smooth out the fabric. It will dry wrinkle free. Magic!

        • Casey says:

          I love Downy wrinkle spray! I’m actually working on a post right now with all of my favorite laundry goodies, and it is definitely on my list! :)

  2. Jess @ foreverorganised says:

    I love this! I wrote a post this week about our laundry routine and how I don’t iron. I am glad I have found someone who shares my love for organising and my love for NOT ironing ;)

  3. Kelly @ View Along the Way says:

    That flow chart is my favorite thing. I have kids and still wash everything in cold, all together. So no need to change your lazy ways! We bought a steamer and if we ever have anything that looks to wrinkly, it’s all about the steaming. I’m mad at my iron. What’s its problem? Why is it so difficult? Love your tips as always!!

    • Casey says:

      Bahaha!! You are so awesome, Kelly! I need to invest in a steamer. Right now my “steaming” strategy is just hanging wrinkly clothes in the bathroom while I shower, lol!

  4. Beth@ Incomplete Guide to Living says:

    Best. Ironing. Tips. Ever.

    :) thanks!

  5. Lynn S says:

    Super cute and great ideas! I LOVE your style of writing/blogging girl friend! I popped over from I HEART Organizing with Jen Jones, whom I a d o r e! Happy to have found you ladies!!

  6. Erin@Managing the Manor says:

    We’ve been using the one-load-a-day method for well over a year now. I start it when I get home from work, hang up the clothes or throw them in the dryer after dinner, and by the time our son goes to bed they’re ready to fold/hang and put away. Sure, I may have a load to do every night, but it keeps it from piling up! Even if I could do another load I don’t, because chances are I’ll throw them through the wash and forget about them :) Oh, and I loathe ironing. Just wanted to throw that in.

    • Casey says:

      Smart system!! I have to be careful about trying to wash multiple loads in a day, too. If it’s not part of my normal routine, I am about a million times more likely to forget it, lol!

  7. Sandy says:

    Ha! At first I thought this was a serious printable to keep in your laundry room, then I read it. I am opposed to ironing unless it is for a craft project that needs ironing. I try to stick to the one load per day rule to help with wrinkles because otherwise the laundry gets piled on the couch and sits for days, getting wrinkled, and my husband might look like a hobo by the time he digs his clothes out of the pile to wear to work ;)

  8. Pilbara Pink says:

    I LOVE ironing – I know it’s crazy! More specifically I loved ironed clothing and bedding (yes, I iron my sheets). I have just purchased a super-wide ironing board and a continuous steam generating iron to make it all easier. I must admit when my childre were small it wasn’t so much fun but now there is just my husband and I it relaxes me to make everything look pretty – my work uniforms, his tshirts .. it all gets done.

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