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How to Save Time & Outsource Your Chores

Okay, confession time.

I HATE going grocery shopping. I know, I sound spoiled, but it usually involves either dragging an unwilling hubby along for the ride or going by myself (boring!). Someday, when I have a whole slew of screaming kids, I will probably relish the thought of browsing the aisles in quiet solitude. As of right now, though? Hate it.

How to Finish Errands in Half the Time

We don’t have a ton of space for bulk food storage, so we have to shop pretty frequently. I live in a semi-rural area, so we don’t have a lot of awesome local grocery delivery options like some of you city folk, but a little bit of digging online allowed me to find the following options. I even made a cute little infographic just for you!

(Oh, and no, I was not paid or perked or anything to write this blog post. I just love these products and wanted to share! If, however, anyone from these companies wanted to thank me in the form of large checks with lots of zeroes and commas, I would totally  be cool with it, haha!)

Outsource-Tasks, Online Grocery Stores



My Tried & True Go-To Grocery Websites This is the site that made me fall in love with outsourced groceries. It’s like having a personal assistant to run your errands. They have lots of pantry items, cleaning products, paper goods, office supplies, pet supplies, even cosmetics — pretty much anything you’d need to grab at the store other than fresh produce, dairy, or frozen food. They even have organic products, sales, and they let you use manufacturers’ coupons! Love it. You can even sign up for automatic shipment on staple products, and they save your previous orders so that you have a list to work from. Oh, and free shipping on orders over $49!

The Fruit Guys: Yummm….these are the folks that we use to order our fruits & veggies. You can choose how often & what size you want for your delivery, and you can get just fruit or fruit and veggies, either all local or all organic. They also include recipes & ideas for eating your goodies with each shipment, and if you’re allergic to anything, you can ask them to substitute or omit certain foods. Pretty cool!

Omaha Steaks: You can buy meat, ready-made meals, and other treats through Omaha steaks. They always have great deals and their food is really yummy!

Amazon Grocery: We don’t have a place around here that delivers milk, but we can order our favorite almond milk in bulk through Amazon. We have Amazon Prime, so can we get a lot of our stuff shipped for free. It is awesome. We also order our dog food through amazon when we can’t make it to the local store.

New Finds to Check Out I just heard about these guys, but they look pretty darn awesome. All of the products and brands that they carry are “green,” and they have grocery & household items as well as gifts, home decor, pet stuff, cosmetics, and apparel! They also do free shipping over $49 — score!

Good Earth Farms: I haven’t ordered from these guys yet, but I’m sure gonna! They have organic meats & cheeses and ship throughout the U.S. I will update you guys as soon as I’ve checked them out!

Schwan’s: Another place that we haven’t ordered from yet, but I have friends who swear by it. You can even order frozen pizzas and ice cream for delivery!

 The Green Polka Dot Box: I am really excited to try these guys, too! They have green & organic pantry items, produce, pet, baby, and household products.


Aaand that’s all, folks! I hope this post helps save you some time & lifts a little bit of the weight from your shoulders :)

Do you guys have any favorite time-saving tips or online resources?? I’m always looking for new ideas, so feel free to share in the comments!

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6 comments on “How to Save Time & Outsource Your Chores
  1. Andrea says:

    Brilliant! Never thought about ordering dog food from Amazon. Yup, now I am. Thanks AGAIN!

  2. Hillary J says:

    I just wandered over here from I heart Organizing today and got sucked in! I must admit, I am intrigued by the Fruit Guys and I’m wondering which box size do you get? Do you ever have to go to the brick and mortar to buy produce? This could be a game changer.

    • Casey says:

      Hey Hillary! We buy the small box (it’s just the two of us), and we’ve done the organic mix of fruits and veggies as well as just the organic fruit mix. When we get the deliveries every two weeks, we don’t have to go to the store for any produce. We just plan around what we get delivered (they send recipes & you can usually see what they’ll be sending you in advance). You can even request substitutions for certain items if you have allergies, and you can also email them for a one-time shipment if you want to test it out. It is a HUGE help (for us, at least)!

  3. Christina DesVaux says:

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for this post! I am the Associate Director of Marketing for and we would love you to join our affiliate network. Email me if you are interested and I can give you more details!

    All the best, and keep up the awesome blog,

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