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Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hey guys!! I have some super simple gift wrapping ideas that I’m hoping will help you guys get organized and save time this holiday: a space-saving DIY gift wrap station!

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of fabulous containers, hanging organizers, and back-of the-door storage solutions for organizing gift wrap all over Pinterest. I know I’ve drooled over them! But what if you don’t have the space? I like wrapping my gifts in the main living area of our home, but we don’t have any places where I could tuck a container out of sight, and none of the doors on our main floor would fit the hanging organizers.

I’d been using a dresser drawer to store everything in our entryway. It worked okay, but there were a few setbacks.

ways to gift wrap, diy gift wrap station in a drawer

It wasn’t very efficient:

  • All of my gift bags & tissue paper were jumbled up, and the bows took up a ton of space.
  • I didn’t have a designated spot for gift wrapping tools, so I was always digging around for tape or scrambling to find the scissors.
  •  Plus, the loose bows & bag handles would get stuck whenever I opened & closed the drawer! Not cool, bows. Not. Cool.

gift-wrapping-ideas, declutter rolls of gift wrap Oh, and there was one more little issue. My dresser drawers weren’t wide enough to stash regular rolls of wrapping paper, so they were just chillin’ on the floor under the dresser. Let me be clear — I needed a new system!

My New Gift Wrapping Ideas

I am proud to present to you the most simplified gift wrap organization on the planet:

wrapping-ideas, gift wrap station in a dresser drawer

  • White kraft/drawing paper (and one mini roll of my fave wrapping paper from Target — I AM human, guys ;) )
  • Tools & adornments (ribbon, tape, scissors, washi tape, etc.)
  • Tissue paper & gift bags

That’s it!

No need for 15 different rolls of wrapping paper — one big, cheap roll of kraft is all you need! Less fuss, less to worry about storing and organizing. Just a perfect, blank canvas that you can dress up any way you want. Mod, minimalist, girly, holiday — accessorize to your heart’s content! (I’ll show you some of my ideas later this week!) All of the little ribbons & decorations take up WAY less space that 15 different rolls of wrapping paper!

Gift Wrap Organizing Tips

to-get-organized, gift bags sorted and stored in plastic zipper bags

I sorted all of my gift bags & stuck them in plastic zippered bags to help keep them contained & tangle-free.

wrap-gifts, organized gift wrap storage

I also grabbed a container and made a mini gift wrap station to store all of my ribbon, tape, and scissors. I stuck Velcro to the back of the scissors & tape so that it was very obvious exactly where they belonged. I have a bad habit of wandering off with things, so a clear reminder where I can easily just stick something back in its spot means that I’m more likely to stay organized.

gifts-made-easy, gift wrap storage container

I ditched the bows & decided to use real ribbon. It takes up WAAAAY less space than the store-bought bows, and I think it’s just so pretty! I chose lime green because it’s gender neutral, coordinates with a lot of colors, and works with pretty much any occasion or holiday theme.

The binder clips are holding the ribbon in place so that I can easily grab what I need without tearing everything apart (or wandering off with my ribbon…). Oh, and yes, I totally geeked out and covered my binder clips with wrapping paper (I just used double stick tape, but you could prob use spray adhesive or mod podge, too).

Whew! That was a LOT of information! Here’s a quick little cheat sheet with all of my gift wrap organizing tips:

  • Instead of storing 15 different rolls of wrapping paper, buy a roll of white craft paper (you can also search for kraft paper or butcher paper). It goes with everything!
  • Ditch the store-bought bows and pick a few versatile colors of ribbon instead. It saves a ton of space!
  • Sort gift bags (by color or theme) and store them in plastic ziplock bags. No more tangled handles or crumpled edges!
  • Designate a set of tools specifically for gift wrapping and create a mini station for them. You can even use velcro or binder clips to help keep important items from “walking away” while you work.

That’s it! Happy wrapping! How do you keep everything together during such a busy season? I’m loving all of the tips you guys have been sharing so far!


P.S. I shared my link at OrgJunkie :)


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