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Cooking Tips: An Easy Kitchen Time-Saver!

Here’s one of my favorite cooking tips summed up in three words: Slow. Cooker. Liners.

Slow cookers are like tiny butlers who cook dinner for you, and the liners are like having a maid who cleans up afterward! They are one of my FAVORITE kitchen time-savers, and if you haven’t tried them, then you are seriously missing out!! I’m not sure if there are other brands, but the ones I use are from Reynolds.

Slow-Cooker-Liners Image Source

I flippin’ LOVE them!!! If you’ve ever had to scrub the cooked-on crud from the bottom of a crock-pot, I’m sure you understand. LIFE-CHANGING. I also really like that they’re BPA free, so my healthy slow cooked dinners can actually stay healthy(ish).

If you read my post about organizing under the kitchen sink, then you may have noticed that I store them right inside my slow cooker:


I seriously can’t think of an easier way to prepare a meal: set it and forget it in the crock-pot with zero clean-up afterwards. Let’s all sing this together as we happily skip the 20-minute sink session after dinner:  Nooo, I don’t want no scrub!

I even found a printable coupon for ya! Now go on and “spatially expand your horizons.” (Yes, I’m still quoting TLC. Don’t judge!)

What are your favorite time-saving products or cooking tips? Any good crock-pot recipes you’re willing to share? I have a ton on my Pinterest board that I’m planning to try! (Disclaimer: I am still working on de-cluttering & organizing my boards!)

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6 comments on “Cooking Tips: An Easy Kitchen Time-Saver!
  1. Erin@Managing the Manor says:

    These really are a must with slow cookers! What did we do before them?? :)

  2. Kelly @ View Along the Way says:

    What! That is brilliant. I haaaaaate cleaning the slow cooker!

  3. Nicole says:

    We call these “crockpot condoms” in my house – love, love, love them and love, love, love your blog!

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