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Chemo Survival Kit, Part Two: Taming Tummy Troubles

Hey guys! I’m back today to address another less-than-appealing side effect of chemotherapy treatment: nausea. These products are all items that can go into a chemo survival kit & help settle a queasy stomach — I bet some of them would make a great gift idea for newly expecting mothers, too!

Tips for creating a chemo comfort kit


1. Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum

chemo comfort kit - products to help relieve side effects of chemotherapy


Ginger is great for soothing upset stomachs, and there are a LOT of ginger products on the market! I chew this gum when I feel seasick, and it makes a huge difference in helping reduce nausea.


2. Emesis Bag

vomit bag for chemo kit


Sometimes, you can’t avoid getting sick. These bags are good to have on hand in case of emergencies. They’re small & easy to store, are a bit more discreet than traditional emesis bags, and have an absorbent pad inside that turns liquids into gel, reducing mess. Reviewers also said that once they were tied up, they completely sealed in any odors (all good things when you’re already feeling nauseated!)

3. Queasy Pops & Queasy Drops

nausea relief for morning sickness or chemo


If you aren’t a fan of ginger flavors, then Queasy Pops & Drops are great alternative, with a variety of fruity flavors to help soothe upset tummies.

4. Stomach-Soothing Peppermint Tea

stomach soothing peppermint tea


This tea can soothe a bellyache and help prevent bathroom emergencies related to stomach upset — especially helpful when you’re mid-session!

5. Anti-Nausea Wristbands


Sea bands are great for everything from motion sickness to morning sickness, and they don’t require any drugs (a bonus when you’re already taking a ton of medications). I found these adorable pink pregnancy ones for a cheaper price than the regular sea bands — it’s all the same stuff, so if you can get a cute color AND a better price, why not?? (Here are links for regular sea bands and child wrist bands, too.)

6. Crystallized Ginger

crystallized ginger for chemo via

This is a great organic option for a sweet anti-nausea treat!

7. Cola Syrup

cola syrup for nausea


An old-school remedy for soothing upset stomachs, my mom swore by this stuff when she was on chemo. Pour a little bit over a few ice chips & sip it slowly. This one is made without HFCS — yay!

8. Anti-Nausea Ginger Tea

ginger tea for nausea, chemo side effects


 One last ginger product — if it’s easier to ingest ginger in liquid form, then organic ginger tea is a great option.

I hope this list can help bring relief to you or a loved one! Make sure you check out Part One: Oral Care, and Part Three, which includes a bunch of other products & ideas sure to help you create an amazing chemo survival kit!

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6 comments on “Chemo Survival Kit, Part Two: Taming Tummy Troubles
  1. annie @ says:

    This is absolutely wonderful Casey. So thoughtful and lovely of you to make these kits for your loved ones who are sick. My mom had chemo years ago for breast cancer (she’s completely fine now!) and this would have been heaven sent!

    I hope the word gets out there on this one because I just know that it would be immensely appreciated by anyone who receives it.

    Annie XO

  2. Sandy says:

    This is so awesome, Casey..and, PS the queasy drops also come in sugar free varieties.

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