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Chemo Survival Kit, Part 3: Creature Comforts

Chemo Survival Kit, Part 3: Creature Comforts

Chemo Survival Kit, Part 3: Creature Comforts

Hey guys! I’m sharing the final part of my chemo survival kit series today. (In case you missed it, check out part one & part two for more ideas on creating an incredibly helpful gift for anyone going through chemotherapy). All of the links are in the titles for each product below.

1. Spa Socks with Treads

Chemo survival kit: Spa Collection Socks


Neuropathy is a common side effect when going through chemo, and it can make your feet very sensitive to touch. Make sure you find a nice, super fluffy pair of socks with treads on the bottom — the cushier, the better!

2. Chemono

Chemono chemotherapy robe

The Chemono is a cool little product designed for women who use a port for their chemotherapy treatment. Instead of having to expose your chest every time they need to access the port, you can wear this wrap top. It has a special little hatch opening right where most people have their chest ports, so the medical staff can access it easily. It also works as a nice alternative to hospital gowns!

3. Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Chemo Survival Kit: Hand sanitizing wipes

Weakened immune systems mean that you will need to disinfect everything ALL the time. Hand sanitizing wipes are great because they travel well (no spills!) and can also pull double-duty as cleaning wipes. These wipes are available on Amazon, but you can also find a ton of great travel-sized toiletries at

4. Hair Loss Shampoos & Treatments

Chemo survival kit: Chemotherapy hair loss treatment

Thymuskin makes shampoos & treatments specifically formulated to prevent hair loss and regrow & thicken hair without any side effects. There are a lot of product choices available, and it is one of the brands mentioned frequently when combating hair loss related to chemo and radiation. (Warning: this stuff is expensive, so you may want to try the travel kit first!)

5. Travel Blanket & Pillow

Chemo Survival Tips: Travel Blanket & Pillow

Comfort & coziness are top priorities, so make sure you have an easy-to-carry blanket & pillow set. This one from EuroCOZY features an arm sling (helps you rest more comfortably while sitting up) & a special pocket for your phone or mp3 player.

Bonus Tips:

Stay strong, my friends! If you are putting one of these chemo survival kits together for a loved one, I can assure you that it will be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give during such a tough time.

If you can think of any other suggestions for items to include, please share your ideas in the comments!

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Chemo Survival Kit, Part Two: Taming Tummy Troubles

Tips for creating a chemo comfort kit

Hey guys! I’m back today to address another less-than-appealing side effect of chemotherapy treatment: nausea. These products are all items that can go into a chemo survival kit & help settle a queasy stomach — I bet some of them would make a great gift idea for newly expecting mothers, too!

Tips for creating a chemo comfort kit


1. Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum

chemo comfort kit - products to help relieve side effects of chemotherapy


Ginger is great for soothing upset stomachs, and there are a LOT of ginger products on the market! I chew this gum when I feel seasick, and it makes a huge difference in helping reduce nausea.


2. Emesis Bag

vomit bag for chemo kit


Sometimes, you can’t avoid getting sick. These bags are good to have on hand in case of emergencies. They’re small & easy to store, are a bit more discreet than traditional emesis bags, and have an absorbent pad inside that turns liquids into gel, reducing mess. Reviewers also said that once they were tied up, they completely sealed in any odors (all good things when you’re already feeling nauseated!)

3. Queasy Pops & Queasy Drops

nausea relief for morning sickness or chemo


If you aren’t a fan of ginger flavors, then Queasy Pops & Drops are great alternative, with a variety of fruity flavors to help soothe upset tummies.

4. Stomach-Soothing Peppermint Tea

stomach soothing peppermint tea


This tea can soothe a bellyache and help prevent bathroom emergencies related to stomach upset — especially helpful when you’re mid-session!

5. Anti-Nausea Wristbands


Sea bands are great for everything from motion sickness to morning sickness, and they don’t require any drugs (a bonus when you’re already taking a ton of medications). I found these adorable pink pregnancy ones for a cheaper price than the regular sea bands — it’s all the same stuff, so if you can get a cute color AND a better price, why not?? (Here are links for regular sea bands and child wrist bands, too.)

6. Crystallized Ginger

crystallized ginger for chemo via

This is a great organic option for a sweet anti-nausea treat!

7. Cola Syrup

cola syrup for nausea


An old-school remedy for soothing upset stomachs, my mom swore by this stuff when she was on chemo. Pour a little bit over a few ice chips & sip it slowly. This one is made without HFCS — yay!

8. Anti-Nausea Ginger Tea

ginger tea for nausea, chemo side effects


 One last ginger product — if it’s easier to ingest ginger in liquid form, then organic ginger tea is a great option.

I hope this list can help bring relief to you or a loved one! Make sure you check out Part One: Oral Care, and Part Three, which includes a bunch of other products & ideas sure to help you create an amazing chemo survival kit!

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Chemo Survival Kit, Part One: Oral Care

Great tips for putting together a chemo survival kit (or comfort kit)!


It’s one of those words that stops you in your tracks. When you hear about a loved one getting diagnosed, you feel helpless. You may not be able to fix it, but there are still plenty of ways to help & show love. Here are some tips for creating a “Chemo Survival Kit” that can help make the awfulness of cancer treatment a little bit easier to bear. I’ve made these kits a few times for friends & family & am always researching new products to add.

TIP: I usually use a reusable grocery/tote bag or a small bookbag for chemo kits. Having a specific bag dedicated to chemo day makes it that much easier to grab & go!

After I started listing everything out, I realized that I’m going to have to break this into multiple posts! Here are the links for Part Two: Taming Tummy Troubles & Part Three: Creature Comforts. Today’s post will focus on oral care. You can probably find many of these products at your local pharmacy, but I’ll provide links for everything in the titles just in case.

Great tips for putting together a chemo survival kit (or comfort kit)! Chemo side effects can include canker sores & dry mouth. It can also mess with your taste buds (many people have mentioned a weird metallic taste). Here are a few products that can help:

 1. Luden’s Moisture Drops

chemo comfort kit - products to help relieve side effects of chemotherapy


Many people recommend sucking on hard candies to help get rid dry mouth & cover the weird metallic taste you can get from chemo. These strawberry kiwi lozenges from Luden’s are actually meant to help with dry, irritated mouths, and the fruity flavor helps pull double duty!

2. Alcohol Free Mouthwash


Biotene is one of several companies who make an alcohol-free mouthwash specifically formulated for dry mouths. It targets the symptoms of dry mouth to keep things moisturized & the alcohol-free formula means it won’t sting any sore spots.

3. Moisturizing Mouth Spray

chemo comfort kit - products to help relieve side effects of chemotherapy


Mouth moisturizers, also known as artificial saliva, come in many forms. This spray from Oasis had some great reviews & people said it was very refreshing and better than other sprays they’d tried.

4. Moisturizing Mouth Gel

moisturizing mouth gel -- great for dry mouth from chemo


This moisturizer provides long-lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms, and many of the reviewers said they love using it while they sleep at night.

5. Canker-Rid

natural relief for canker sores -- helps with side effects from chemo


Reviewers swear by this stuff to soothe & promote healing of canker sores. It’s also one of the few all-natural products I’ve found in this arena — it’s made from the byproducts of honeybees!

6. Dry Mouth Toothpaste

dry mouth toothpaste -- helps with side effects of chemo via

Another great product for dry, sensitive mouths. This toothpaste & the mouthwash from Biotene were two products that my Pop-Pop swore by while he was on chemo.

7. Canker Sore Gel

helps with mouth sores from chemo via

Zilactin B’s long lasting mouth sore gel had some rave reviews compared to other brands. It actually creates a protective bandage so that you can eat without pain & let the wound stay protected while it heals. Pretty sweet!

8. Moisturizing Strips

moisturizing mouth strips for dry mouth from chemo


If you don’t want to use a gel or spray, or if you want something a little bit more portable, you can try these dry mouth moisturizing strips. They’re kind of like Listerine strips, except less intense & more moisturizing, and you can use them during the day or while you sleep. If you’re a gum chewer, here’s another option for dry mouth relief.

A lot of these products are similar, but everyone has different needs and preferences, so I figured I’d share ‘em all so you can choose what works best for you or a loved one. Stay tuned for more tips & tricks to help combat other chemo side effects! Oh, and even though I’ve done quite a bit of research & talked with the nurses & doctors of my own friends and family, I would definitely recommend consulting your loved one’s doctor about these products before you throw away your receipts, since certain chemo cocktails may have different restrictions than others.

Do you have any tips & tricks that help with dry mouth & discomfort during chemo? Please share in the comments below!

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Free Fall Printables: My Favorite Quote

Printable Wall Art -- Cute quote about giving thanks!

Last year, I shared one of my all-time favorite quotes with you & made this sweet little printable for Thanksgiving (see the full post on fall decorating for the printable pdf & a bonus version):

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. Printable Quote.

This year, I decided to revisit it & make a new printable that could be displayed in autumn or year-round! Click the link below each image to download the high resolution pdf files.

One of my absolute favorite quotes -- love that it's a free printable, too!!

Thankful Quote

Here’s another version:

Printable Wall Art -- Cute quote about giving thanks!

Thankful Quote Wall Art

I really adore this. It is a simple and powerful phrase that has helped me stay optimistic & gain perspective through even the toughest of times. I read somewhere that up to ninety percent of a person’s happiness is determined by internal factors — our perception of reality, not our actual reality. Basically, nothing can make a person happy unless that person is able to appreciate it. This quote serves as a reminder that you will find exactly what you are looking for — so make sure you’re looking for the good stuff!!

What are your favorite quotes? Where do you find inspiration?

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Fall Printables: Go Mod!

Modern Fall Printables

I love decorating for fall, but this year, I was getting a little tired of the usual hay-and-country-flowers stuff. Maybe I’m still in denial about the end of summer, but I wanted something fresh. Modern. Minimalist.


I decided to create some really simple, minimalist printable decorations for fall, and I’m sharing them with you today for free! (Do you feel loved??)

TIP: One of the easiest, cheapest ways to decorate in a small space is switching up the wall art with seasonal printables. They take up almost no extra space when on display, and they are really easy to store (or recycle) when the season is over.


Modern Autumn Printables

Click on the link below each image to download your high resolution pdf for free!

Modern Fall Printables

Mod Fall Trees

DIY Fall Decor printables -- yay, modern fall decorations!

Gray Autumn Trees

Autumn printable wall art -- cute modern trees! Yellow Fall Trees Printable

Mod Autumn Printables -- so cute to hang as a fresh fall decoration, and they're free!

Modern Fall Decor Printables

I think these would look so cute in white or yellow frames! Stay tuned — I’ve got some more mod fall printables coming soon!

What are your favorite ways to decorate for fall?

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Home Organizing Tips to Keep You Sane

Use bins to quickly sort & stash items for a quick clean-up!

Erin from Managing the Manor is sharing some of her favorite sanity-saving tips today –woohoo!!

Hello Pretty Organized readers! Today I want to share some basic, daily cleaning and organizing tips.

The dream scenario would be that we all have our houses neat and tidy, always ready for guests, and in magazine-ready condition. Unfortunately, most or all of those 3 things are hardly ever true for the majority. Am I right?

Before you drive yourself insane thinking about all that you have to do or should do during the week to keep up your abode, take a deep breath. Clear your mind. And see below for 5 ways to help keep your home (and brain) semi-clean and organized.

1. Pick up.

Do a daily sweep of items that are lying around the house—clothes, shoes, toys, etc. This should take all of 5-10 minutes if you keep it up every day. If you don’t have time to put everything back in its exact place that day—that’s OKAY. Invest in some inexpensive baskets or bins for each member of the house, or for each room, and toss the items in those containers as you stroll through your house. Empty them whenever you do have some extra time. Better yet, if you have older children or other members of the house, have them empty their own bins regularly.

These baskets in our Kitchen Command Center catch items as they come in the door.

Use baskets to create a command center that catches clutter at the door!

These dollar store bins gather small toys until we have time to put them in their original locations.

Use bins to quickly sort & stash items for a quick clean-up!

2. Do one load of laundry, start to finish.

Don’t allow yourself to do more than one load at a time (even on the weekends), or else you may end up with forgotten clothes in the washer (stinky!) or in the dryer (wrinkly!). This is something that we have been doing for almost a year now, and let me tell you—it’s a game changer. I start the load right when I get home from work, throw it in the dryer or hang up to dry after dinner, and fold before I go to bed. It doesn’t always make it to its final destination, but at least it’s clean in a hamper!

This may take some adjusting to get into a good cycle, where all clothes hampers aren’t piling up every day. However, once you get into a good cycle, you will be amazed at how well it works. You also may not need to do a load every single night, especially if you are single or have a small family. We’re a family of 3 and have about 5 loads each week. That means 2 nights with no laundry!

3. Sort your mail.

Notice I didn’t say “take action”.  Just get it sorted into simple piles: Pay/Mail Back, File, or Shred. Set aside time the next weekend to tackle the piles.

Quickly sort your mail as you walk in the door to keep clutter from piling up.

Our mail is put into a hanging slot on our Command Center corkboard. I place the bills into my planner, since I pay most of my bills outside of our home. The items to file stay in the front pocket, and the items to shred are placed in the back pocket.

4. Write EVERYTHING down as soon as you think about it.

Run out of something in the pantry? Write it down. Need to email or text a friend with a question? Write it down. Have an idea for a blog post? Write it down. You get the gist. Recording these thoughts on a daily basis will help you clear your mind for the short-term, until you are ready to take action on them.

The Notes feature on my iPhone serves as my short-term list keeper. I set up lists by store or by event; and as soon as I think of something needed, I type it into its corresponding list. The cool thing is that the next time I’m at a particular store, I have a pre-built list of items that I may have forgotten I even needed!

Writing everything down in the "notes" feature on your phone means that you always have your lists on hand!

A simple notebook or notepad can also do the trick. If you want to sort it and add pretty labels—bonus! Just do what works for you.

5. Have a plan and share it with everyone in your household.

Not a play-by-play of each day, but more of a daily reminder of what’s coming up, such as any doctor’s appointments, sports games, parties, your meal plan, etc. Post the plan where your family will know to look, preferably in a central location of your home. Whether they actually look at it…well, that’s a whole different issue.

Although I have a personal planner with in-depth details, I print out a basic calendar for each month and post it in our kitchen command center, on the same corkboard as our mail organizer.

I document all important events that are applicable to the entire family.

Keep your family informed by listing meals, appointments, and important dates on a calendar in a central location.

Above is a shot of our September calendar. It was printed from a standard template in Microsoft Excel.

Your home may not always be in tip-top shape, but by clearing spaces in your home and your mind daily, you may be on a better way to keeping your sanity—at least, throughout the week. If you have more time to do more chores every day, then go for it! Just make sure not to overwhelm yourself with high expectations. A few daily items can not only help you stay organized, but can also help you have more time doing more of what you enjoy.

Thanks so much, Erin!! Awesome organizing tips!! We use our Gmail calendar for everything, and I really need to get back into putting our meals on there, too — it makes a huge difference!! My entire world feels calmer when I stick with my daily routine. It’s the difference between, “Wow, I have been seriously productive this week!” and “Why am I so awful at life?” LOL!

What are your favorite sanity-saving tips & tricks?


About Erin

Managing the Manor

I believe that a beautiful, organized home can happen on any budget.  We keep our projects low-cost by doing most or all of the work ourselves.  Whether we’re rehabbing furniture, painting, decorating, or landscaping–we get through it one DIY project after another.  I want to share what inspires us and hopefully inspire others.

Check out her blog, Managing the Manor, for more inspiration & awesomeness!

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Kitchen Organization: Make it Spicy!

Organize your spices in magnetic tins & stick 'em right on the range hood for easy access.

The lovely Annie from Annie Hearts is stopping in today to share her latest adventures in kitchen organization. Check out her super spice solution!

Hi Pretty Organized people! So happy to be here with you today to share my tips!

Today, I want to show you how I organize my spices. When I first moved in to the little house on the river, I remember looking around my kitchen, thinking, “Damn, there’s nowhere convenient to put my spices.”

I kept my spices in magnetized stainless round jars on a steel plate kinda like this, but with a bigger surface that held more spice jars:

organized spices




I wanted to mount the steel plate on the wall like I had in my last home, but there was no wall space big enough for it. Then it occurred to me. Duh. I have a behemoth of a range hood made of stainless steel. It has miles of steel to hold my magnetized spice jars, so I got rid of the steel wall-mount plate and put the spices right on the range hood.

Organize your spices in magnetic tins & stick 'em right on the range hood for easy access.

I have to tell you, I really love it. It couldn’t be more convenient, as it’s right above the range.

Smart spice storage: use magnetic tins & stick 'em to the range hood!

I put the spices we use most often in the middle.

smart way to organize spices

The baking spices (and seeds) go on the left.

organize your kitchen with magnets!

And the exotic spices, powders and steak spice go on the right.

smart way to organize spices in your kitchen!

In case you were wondering, I got the round labels at the dollar store.

DIY spice labels * organizing ideas

I realize this won’t work for everyone, but for anyone who has a steel range hood that’s relatively flat, it’s worth a try!

Thanks for sharing, Annie!! Your spices work beautifully with your range hood!

About Annie

annie hearts blog

“Do what you love because how you spend your days becomes how you spend your life.”
I’ve been writing annie hearts in my head for years. Growing up, I was a wanna-be interior designer with grandiose schemes for my parents’ home, much to their dismay. I’ve been doing sewing, painting and refurbishing projects ever since my mom first sat me in front of a sewing machine and my dad taught me to use a paintbrush and a hammer.I got hooked on DIY blogs right around the time I bought the little house on the river. Seeing the before and afters, the transformations on a dime, I thought, I’d love to do that. DIY blogging had my name—and my house—written all over it.
And so it goes that I’m well on my way to spending my days doing what I love.
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Savvy Storage Solutions: What’s in a Name?

Use a media cabinet as a mini linen closet for guests -- so smart!

Beth from The Incomplete Guide to Living is stopping by today to share a few clever ways to think creatively when you’re searching for storage solutions!

When shopping for furniture for your home, or looking for storage solutions, it’s easy to get boxed in by the intended purpose of items. For instance, I found this “TV/Media Unit” at our local antique warehouse. I brought it home, gave it a few coats of paint, and added some pretty shelf liners to freshen it up.

Think creatively with storage furniture -- this media cabinet makes a great linen cabinet!

The label might have said “TV Stand,” but all I saw when I looked at it were all of these handy little compartments!

repurposed storage tips: thinking outside the box

I knew it was a perfect candidate for an organized storage solution in our home. Initially, I bought it with the intention of using if for shoe storage. I thought the “cubbies” on the left hand side would be great for boots and shoes.

repurposing idea for shoe storage

 I tried it out, and I could tell that the cubbies weren’t quite the right size for the shoe storage that I needed. I didn’t think it would be the most effective use of the organizing potential I saw here.

Upon further consideration, I realized this unit would be great for organizing bedding/linens! I put some fitted/flat sheets in the tall cubbies on the left, and pillowcases in the smaller cubbies. The middle shelves store extra pillows or duvet sets, and the cupboard on the right stashes an extra quilt.

“TV Stand” or “Mini Linen Closet”?

Use a media cabinet as a mini linen closet for guests -- so smart!

My dream is replace the glass with mirrors, because I’m not crazy about those doors, but my mini linen closet works just fine for now!

We’ve got a lot of furniture around the house that functions outside the box including:

• Coffee Table turned T.V. Stand.

• Dressing Table/Vanity turned desk

Dining Room Sideboard turned Coffee Bar

Do you have any furniture around your house that feels shackled by its name? Why not change it up and create new solutions with things you already have?

I love that she walked us through her thought process & reminded us that you can find many uses for things when you learn to look past the labels. Thanks so much, Beth!

About Beth


I’m Beth and I’m so excited to be contributing here at Pretty Organized! My husband and I live in England in a farm house that dates back to 13th century, and we are doing our best to make it a 21st century home while maintaining the character of the house.  Over at my blog, The Incomplete Guide to Living, I share all kinds of projects and inspiration from my life as a wife, mom, and decorating/DIY enthusiast! 

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An Organized Dream Kitchen: Smart Kitchen Storage Tips!

Smart tips & tricks to help you design a kitchen that actually helps keep you organized!

When I first saw Erin’s post about her amazing dream kitchen, my jaw pretty much hit the floor. It. is. GORGEOUS! She and her hubby designed it themselves after years of planning & research, and the end result really is a dream come true. She was kind enough to share some more of her organizing secrets with us today — settle in & take notes, because there is some serious kitchen storage inspo here!

Smart tips & tricks to help you design a kitchen that actually helps keep you organized!

Hello Pretty Organized readers! I am excited to hop in today and share some quick kitchen cabinet design and organization tips with you. This isn’t your typical “organizing with whatcha got” post, but more of  a “things to consider in the future” post. Whether you’re thinking of building a home or renovating your current kitchen, consider the tips below for your new space. These are things we picked up over the years either through our own observation or from others, and we were thrilled to see them come to life when we built our new home last year.


1. Install drawers below counters instead of cabinets.

This is a great solution (where it makes sense) for plates, bowls, and heavier items, such as serving dishes. Rather than hoisting them up to overhead cabinets, they can be placed easily down into the drawers.

Instead of cabinets, consider installing deep drawers under your counters for easier access to heavy items!

It also makes great storage for kids’ dishes, leftover containers, and even some appliances (think of those bulky crockpots!).

Use deep drawers to store heavy appliances in the kitchen.


2. Widen the drawers above the lower cabinets.

This can be done in conjunction with the tip above, or even if you have regular cabinets installed. Rather than two small drawers for each set of cabinets, have just one extra wide drawer installed. You could store all of your silverware, knives, and serving utensils in one large drawer. Something cool we did was to create a special drawer for all of our spices.

Use a wide drawer for easy spice organization!

Another fun idea is to create a drawer for coffee, mugs, and related supplies. We did this in the drawer below our Keurig and just love having it all in one place!

Store mugs & supplies in a drawer below your coffee maker for an instant coffee station!


3. Extend your cabinets to the ceiling.

This will provide an extra shelf (or more) for storage of seasonal products or items that you don’t use regularly, like party supplies, vases, or certain appliances.

Extend your kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling to give extra space for storing vases & other occasional items.

This may not be an option if you have really tall (say, more than 9 ft) or vaulted ceilings; but if you can make it work, you will be amazed at how much more storage space you have! If you can’t afford the extra shelves, just have toppers added to achieve the same look. You’ll at least eliminate that dust-prone area on top of the cabinets!

Smart tips for designing cabinets that maximize storage space

These are just a few things that have given us major advantage for kitchen storage and organization, and I hope you’ll consider them in your own home!

Thanks so much, Erin!! I am drooling over here!

Bonus Tip:

If you can’t do a renovation, you could still turn your lower cabinets into drawers using slide-out drawers like the ones I have under my sink. Love ‘em!

Kitchen Organizing Tip: Adding drawers inside lower cabinets makes everything easier to reach (and makes it easier to stay organized!)


About Erin:

Managing the Manor


I believe that a beautiful, organized home can happen on any budget.  We keep our projects low-cost by doing most or all of the work ourselves.  Whether we’re rehabbing furniture, painting, decorating, or landscaping–we get through it one DIY project after another.  I want to share what inspires us and hopefully inspire others.

Check out her blog, Managing the Manor, for more inspiration & awesomeness!



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Tips & Time-Savers for Beginning Gardeners

Gardening tips & tricks to save time!

I love a gorgeous garden. Love it, love it, love it, love it. I like tinkering every once in a while, and I love enjoying beautiful flowers, but I DON’T love anything that REQUIRES regular maintenance. (I want my garden to feel like play, not work!). As fall settles in, I always try to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and what I’d like to plan for next year.

Gardening tips & tricks to save time!

Disclaimer: If you are a seasoned gardener, you will probably laugh at this post. BUT, if you’re just starting out (like me) and your thumbs are not naturally green, read on! I have some pretty cool time-saving tips & tricks for newbie gardeners!

Stop digging up your yard every season.

Pop your potted plants into a second pot that stays in the ground, then switch ‘em out every season:

Save time gardening -- just use the pot-in-pot method & never dig again!

potted plant gardening tip: stick 'em in the ground to easily switch every season!

It’s called the “Pot-in-Pot” or “Sunken” container method, and it’s brilliant!!

Can you imagine all of the possibilities here??

  • It’ll make it SO much easier to switch out annuals.
  • Finished bulbs can get moved somewhere out of the way where the greenery can continue receiving sunlight without making the main garden look unkempt.
  • You’ll save space in your garden since multiple plants can rotate between the same hole!
  • No more awkward bare spots left open for out-of-season plants. A landscaped look AND less time?? Yes, please!

Still wanna dig? Save time planting bulbs:

Use a bulb auger on your drill to save time planting bulbs!

(Queue Tim the Toolman saying “More power!”). You can buy bulb augers that attach to your cordless drill. It’ll have your holes dug in no time flat!

Can’t afford a fancy irrigation system?

garden tips: use a sprinkler timer

You can buy a timer for your hose & have an automatic sprinkler system for $25! Check out more info at Wife in Progress.

Never mulch around trees again!

save time in the garden with rubber mulch tree rings

Recycled rubber tree rings can protect your trees from the mower, and you could save yourself  a TON of time re-mulching every season!

3 Words: Automatic Lawn Mower

automatic lawn mower


LawnBott automatic lawn mower




These automatic lawnmowers from RoboMow and LawnBott are like Roombas for your yard. They’re pricey, but when you consider that they take care of mowing & edging all by themselves for about the same cost as a riding mower, it sounds like a worthy investment! WANT.

How do you save time in your yard? Share your favorite tips for beginning gardeners in the comments!

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